Verifiable Credentials

Obtain a Verifiable Credential

Use ID Wallet, a demo web credential wallet, to obtain and present Verifiable Credentials. ID Wallet is a learning tool that allows you to start using Verifiable Credentials with no setup.

Verifiable Credential Issuance

Obtain a credential with ID Wallet

Obtain a VC with ID Wallet

ID Wallet is a demo web credential wallet. We created it to make experimenting with Verifiable Credentials easy.

It comes with a preconfigured set of issuers. You get sample credentials for: University Degrees, Vaccination Passes, Employment Credentials, and ID Cards.

You can also create a tenant in the Auth0Lab environment to try out our Verifiable Credentials PoC and create your own issuer.

ID Wallet implements OpenID draft protocols for credential issuance. You can use it with any issuer (provider) that supports the protocol.

We are making it easy for developers to leverage Verifiable Credentials
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